Lush Products You Need to Try

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Lush is quite the special brand in that their products are 100% vegetarian, handmade, and don’t test on animals. They use natural fresh ingredients that work. I used to get a bit overwhelmed with all of the options but have since then found some Lush product gems I think everyone needs to add to their skincare and beauty buckets!

Lush Products You Need to Try

Dark Angels

W H Y   Y O U   N E E D   T H I S: Exfoliate to get glowing skin.

dark angels tublush dark angels scrub

If you’re ready to get glowing baby soft skin, you need to give this one a try! Dark Angels is a black sugar and charcoal body and face scrub with Moroccan lava clay. What I love

about this scrub is that it’s tailored towards sensitive oily skin, so it definitely exfoliates, but in a gentle way. Plus, it helps with redness and the oils really help to not dry out skin.

I typically apply it once or twice a week on my face in the shower to maintain soft skin. When I’m feeling extra I’ll extend it to my neck, decolletage, and hands. I make sure to never miss my lips as it will do wonders for any chapped skin you might have.

Sleepy Lotion

W H Y   Y O U   N E E D   T H I S: Get rid of dry flaky skin.

lush sleepy lotionlush sleep body lotion tub

Oh. My. Gah. This Sleepy Lotion is EVERYTHING! If you learn anything from today, it’s that you need this lotion in your life. I’m not much for the smell, but the results are so great, I wouldn’t really care what it smelled like. It’s advertised as a lavender and tonka perfume, however, I think it smells like Snickerdoodle cookies. It has a huge list of notorious moisturizing ingredients including oatmeal, almond oil, jojoba and cocoa butter.

I apply this on my legs and hands every night before going to bed. I noticed a huge different (aka no lizard skin) after a few days of applying. The moisture feels ‘skin deep’ and doesn’t vanish right away in that when I throw in a few travel days or neglect my skin occasionally. This is my latest addition to my must haves skincare list!

Grease Lightning

W H Y   Y O U   N E E D   T H I S: Make zits disappear.

lush grease lightning spray bottllush grease lightning facial gel

With tea tree and aloe vera, the Grease Lightning facial gel is amazing to calm and prevent any breakouts. I use it whenever I feel an under-the-skin bump appearing or to dry out any existing zits. It’s very gentle so it doesn’t cause any dryness to your skin. I’ll notice a change within 1-3 days whenever I dab this over any problem areas.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb

W H Y   Y O U   N E E D   T H I S: Relax like the unicorn queen that you are.

lush intergalactic bath bomblush intergalactic bath bomb water


The most bath fun you’ll have in a while! Lush has dozens of bath bombs to choose from but this Intergalactic Bath Bomb will leave you mesmerized over your galactic blue and pink bath water universe. It’s just pure fun 🙂 and it smells pretty good too (think fruity candy).

Here’s a secret tip: Mix in a bath oil like this glittery Ginger one for the ULTIMATE bath experience that will leave you skin feeling glorious and you mind in zen.

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I have fallen in love with these products over the past few years but I’m always looking to try new ones! What are your Lush faves?

xoxo stay pretty

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